From Merced: Take highway 59 to the Oakdale Road going NW until you reach Shaffer Road and Turn Right on Shaffer.

From Atwater: Go north on Shaffer Road crossing over Oakdale Road.

From Oakdale: Go SE on Oakdale Road to Shaffer Road and Turn Left on Shaffer.

From Snelling: Go south on highway 59. Turn right (NW) on Oakdale Road. Proceed to Shaffer Road and Turn Right on Shaffer.

All: Turn north on Shaffer Road then right on Princeton [1]  (one block) until you get to a gravel road [2] (driveway) on your left. Turn left and drive in front of the dairy and follow this road [3] beyond the dairy and down into the river valley. The Range is on your left.


The Bettencourt Family has requested all members, guest and visitors to use the Princeton Road entrance at all times.



View of River Oaks Range as seen from Google Earth

River Oaks Range is located on the Bettencourt Ranch in Winton, CA
The Range Address:
11584 N. Shaffer Rd.
Winton, CA 95301