Projects List



This page is intended as a source for our staff when they have some time or expertise available to work on some of the things that we need done. Our mission to support firearms education and training with the general public means we have lots of repairs, improvements, expansion and other projects to tackle routinely. Please review this page often and if you can help out with a project, contact the persons name next to it for coordinating efforts, just so we are not competing with ourselves and duplicating efforts. If there is no one assigned to that project and you have the expertise, or interest and can run a crew, please contact Dave or John Givens to be assigned to lead the efforts. Materials will be provided by the Association, we just need your expertise to get it done!

  1. Generators – repair and service
  2. Tighten up and repair the "Cowboy town" – Dave Givens 209-614-1718
  3. Tighten up and thru bolt the bay walls – John Givens 209-988-9554
  4. Install Electric Fencing around Buffalo Flats - Michael Mitchell 559-381-0607
  5. Repair Green bleachers throughout range and paint -
  6. Paint ramps and rails, secure bulges on restroom ramp
  7. Paint front gates and fence whiteNeed a BSA Troop to volunteer
  8. Upgrade lawn sprinkler system – Project Started 4/29/2017 (On going)
  9. Stain bay walls and under roofs on bay 1
10. Put up and secure hanging insulation under Restroom trailer – 
11. Brown Office Building needs painting
12. Move and relocate lumber stack to Bay 3.5
13. Re-organize and set up maintenance shed, install shelving
14. Install Awning on Trap Bleachers
15. Extend restroom deck around to 3rd room and install steps –
16. Clean pavement parking lot, pressure wash –
17. Lubricate and tighten up Cease Fire system on Bay 1 –
18. Replace siding on both classroom A and B –
19. Repair sticky Restroom door on rear restroom trailer –
20. Install emergency lighting in rear restroom –
21. Install shade cloth support structure on Bay 4, 5,and 6 –

On going task that can be done on a daily basis by all members without notification

1. Pick up sticks and limbs as they collect on the grass
2. Dumb trash cans into the main dumpster as they become full
3. Keeps trash picked up as it blows out of the trash cans
4. Keep cardboard cleared off the target stands when its too worn out to keep using
5. Keep the cardboard bins clean of non-paper trash
6. Remove brass from the shooting areas if you need it. If its there, your welcome to it. Please also remove non-brass (steel) casing as well
7 Remove or kick down weeds growing around areas that can't be reached with the mower